Inclement Weather Announcement

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The 2:30PM Driver Education course at our Bel Air location is cancelled today.

All other Driver Education classes and Behind the Wheel lessons at all other locations will be held as scheduled today..

Maryland MVA Driving Test
Vehicle Inspection Checklist

The MVA will examiner will conduct a safety inspection of the vehicle being used for the test. The student will be asked to activate items on the checklist. If the student CANNOT activate or locate the controls, the student will receive points off or fail depending on the item. If the items are not functioning properly the vehicle will be disqualified. Students must then reschedule the test.

If you fail or are disqualified on this section of the test, then ask to review your score sheet. DO NOT HESITATE TO SPEAK WITH A SUPERVISOR.

  • Front/Rear Tags: needed per registration
  • Windshield: unobstructed view, no cracks
  • Driver/Passenger Doors: must open and close
  • Safety Belt: fastens properly
  • Tires: properly inflated, good tread, all lug nuts needed
  • Lights/Lens: not broken, lens repair tape permitted
  • Gas: At least a half of tank with cap
  • Mirrors: Rearview and left side needed and secure
  • Front Seats: Free of debris, operational
  • Glove Box:Securely closed
  • Exhaust System: secure, no leaks
  • Brake and Accelerator Pedals: operational
  • Dashboard Warning Lights: none activated, no safety concerns
  • Fluids: oil, coolant, transmission – no leaks
  • Horn: operational
  • Speedometer: operational
  • Windshield Wipers: operational
  • Wiper Fluid: operational
  • Heater/Defroster: operational
  • Parking Brake: operational
  • Head Lights: operational
  • Brake Lights: operational
  • Signal Lights: operational
  • Hazard Lights: operational